What We Do

At 1st United Credit Reporting Services "1st United CRS", we focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities. Generally, the services we offer involve preparing DBPR Approved Personal & Business Credit Reports Listing a FICO Derived Credit Score and a Public Record Statement that Searches on a County, State, and Federal Level have been performed. We also provide license expediting and can assist in getting your contractors license. Planning and financial consultation for clients based on the client’s needs, goals and objectives.
  • Credit Reporting
    Credit Reporting addresses an individual's investment needs, asset allocation, and the suitability of different types of securities in light of your goals.
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  • Business Planning
    Business planning focuses on issues specific to business owners and shareholders. For business owners, the business is their most significant asset.
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Who We Are

1st United CRS, LLC is one of Florida’s leading credit reporting and license consulting firms. We work with clients to help them have a thorough look about their financial situations, make better decisions, get those decisions translated quickly into actions and sustain the momentum into the future obtaining a state license.

Help simplify your licensing needs

Let us spend time to take care of your license and you spend your time enjoying your life
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How We Can Help

Whether you are working towards a state contractors license and need a personal or business credit report or you need help with the entire process, our trained staff has you covered with all aspects of credit reporting and state contractor licensing.
Credit Reporting for Individuals
Credit Reporting for Business
Registered Agent, Corporation & LLC Setup
State Contractor License Expediting (All States)
Business Formation & Incubation Specialist
Business Marketing & Consulting

What Our Clients Say

“When we needed to get my husbands fire alarm license I did not know where to turn, United CRS helped me every step of the way, I wish I would have found them on DAY 1…Love You Guys!!!”

“Amazing fast and reliable customer support! The team at United CRS are willing to go an extra mile for customer service! Even when dealing with a big company like Sears!”

“I talk with James so much now I don’t even know how I got by without his help, license issues, credit issues, state issues, company issues, marketing issues, and just general friend now.. Their help was quick and gave me very clear instructions to follow. Incredible, Thumbs up!”

“Had United CRS not Assisted me I would still not have my contractor license, They helped me get my credit score to a satisfactory level and how to understand my credit score all together”

“You’re DAVIS?, Man I called you up and then poof I had my roofing license! a magician!”

“Jimmy Davis, You’re the best there is when it comes to getting contractor licenses and helping people with credit and marketing, truly an all in one company for contractors.”

Why Choose Us


We have over 12 years experience providing credit reports for contractors and helping them with obtaining a contractors license as quickly as possible.


A qualified, enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help. From Business Creation, Credit Reports, Registered Agent or Just to Help with Free Advise.


We always handle challenges in a professional manor and maintain our prestige, honor and integrity, Rest assured your information is kept safe and confidential.

Getting Your Contractors License Could Be Quick & Easy!